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Wi-Fi Privacy Services

Your internet use behavior may set you up for hackers. For example, you have visited your favorite hotel and as you take a cup of coffee, you have connected to the Wi-Fi network. Next, you are at the bank and you pass by the pub before you go home.  As you visited all these places, you are always connecting with the available Wi-Fi and using it to browse.

The risks that accompany such actions are immense, for example, your personal information is sent in clear texts. Anyone who is peeking into the network can easily read and understand your conversations. The next issue is the honeypot that thieves will use to connect to your phone and hack data. Finally, it is easy for hackers to connect to your phone on session hijacking and stealing your browser cookies and emails sent to establish your identity. Our company, Granitephones and will help you with ensuring that your phone is safe from hacking.

We support per-connection MAC randomization and enable its functions by default. When we set up the per connection MAC randomization, the DHCP client’s phone is flushed before reconnecting to another network to avoid revealing that the device is the same and that it has used that network before. Granitephones has solutions to serious challenges with the Linux kernel IPV6 privacy address implementation that allows using it as an identifier for several connections and networks. Our settings include default disabling of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi scanning.

Another service that we offer to increase privacy when using the phone across various networks is to use a default system that presents a unique and persistent MAC address. You can either “use device MAC” or the “randomized MAC” which is set by default. The role of the randomized MAC is that it helps your device to generate a new random MAC address when connecting to a new network. The device has three options which include the “use per-network randomized MAC, Use device MAC and Use per connection randomized MAC (default).

In the same context, you need to know that our service includes disabling any support for stable link-local IPv6 addresses since hackers can use these systems as potential identifiers. If you have an Android phone, it uses the stable link-local privacy addresses when the MAC randomization is disabled.

Our WiFi services also turn any public hotspot into a secure WiFi network via Virtual Private Network (VPN) with bank-grade data encryption to keep your information safe from hackers. We ensure that you can shop, bank and use social media securely online.