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A good and protective mobile phone security software ensures that they protect your phone from cyberattacks. Our company has the best operating system that offers maximum protection to your mobile phone.

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Our Approach To IT Security

  • Internet and Cloud Security

    Every time you send an email or a message from your phone, you expose several things to the internet. You risk the data and the systems as you give traces of your online footprint and reveal your digital identity.

  • Endpoint security

    Endpoint security involves protecting your phone as you switch from one network to another.

  • User security

    One of the most remote thoughts for a phone user is their security when using apps on their phone. Our company has invented Google sandboxing to protect your phone from apps and services that would cripple your security.

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Granitephone IT Security Services

The confidentiality of information ensures that data is only accessible to peers that are authorized. It also means that access rights are given and any other third party that violates the process is locked out. The process of data transport is also safeguarded through encryption which is either symmetrical or asymmetrical. Our company works to ensure that all data access and transport are authorized.

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As much as we offer services that ensure that information sharing and processing is confidential, we also work to ensure that the content and data are correct and complete. Granitephones have designed systems that work together for your good. Sometimes, you can make mistakes while communicating, but our systems ensure that they offer an information safety net and you can rely on our services.

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Our company ensures that your phone processes data smoothly. If your phone gets stolen, we will use our decryption keys to retrieve important data. If your phone gets destroyed, we guarantee that you can get all the useful data regardless of the backing services that you had used.

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Why is Data encryption necessary?

The importance of data encryption is that it offers you privacy and security. Privacy and security: Encryption is an effective way to stop unwanted behavior and it guarantees privacy protection.


Encryption enables a user to read data at rest and only to the intended recipients and data owners. It prevents hackers, internet service providers, governments, and ad networks from intercepting sensitive communications.


Encryption enables the mobile phone user to reveal their identity and keep it by showing that they are the real owners and users of the mobile device. However, they must answer a question that serves as proof of their real identity.


Encryption prevents information leaks regardless of if the information is taken into transit or restraint. Whenever an individual's phone is stolen, the information is kept encrypted for the rest of its lifetime.

Data Integrity

Encryption is the only way that you can prevent malicious activities such as on-path attacks. If you are sending data over the internet, we ensure that the recipient receives the right information that has not been corrupted on the way.

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What Client’s Say About Us

Granitephone Servers

Granitephones has created its servers that you will use instead of the express Google servers.

These servers help with the following:

  • Network time
  • Attestation key provisioning
  • Connectivity checks
  • GNSS almanac downloads
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