IoT Services

Identify, Track & Secure Your IoT Devices

Robust and Secure IoT Security Solution for Your Organization’s Needs

Tasks that used to take hours to complete and were boring to do can now be done in minutes or even seconds. All thanks to the advent of IoT. From our homes to large-scale industries, IoT devices can be seen in action everywhere.

Companies and consumers love these devices because they save time, provide real-time information and make it possible to stay connected 24/7. But here is a catch! The problem is that we are not the only ones who love IoT devices. Hackers love them too, perhaps more than us.

That is why, with the growing demand for IoT devices, the need for protecting them against attacks is also growing.

Just like with any other technology, hackers can find ways to hack into IoT devices as well. When you connect anything to the internet, be it your refrigerator or a smartwatch, you also open the ground for potential cyber threats. This puts the confidentiality of companies' and customers' data at risk.

From the navigational system in your car to digital sensors installed in your office, any IoT device or system can be compromised. So, is there any way to stop hackers from getting into your IoT systems and getting access to your data? Of course, there is, and this is exactly where Granite Phone’s exceptional IoT security service comes in.

With Granite Phone's class-leading IoT security service, you will protect your IoT environment and level up your management game.

Our decades of experience have enabled our customers with a maximum level of visibility into their IoT ecosystem. Our IoT solutions will help you monitor your data traffic so that the risks and threats can be mitigated.

With us, you can run your business carefree and smoothly without worrying about financial or data loss. Your data will stay protected from the device to the end-user with no middleman being able to access it.

Many Benefits of IoT Security!

Reduction in Cost

By using the services of IoT security, companies can not only optimize their workflows but their cost of operations can also be reduced significantly. Moreover, taking an IoT security service on board saves you a lot of money that you would need to spend on expensive security hardware and experts otherwise.

Additionally, secured systems warn you about potential risks so that you can take immediate action without affecting the production side of things.

Efficiency Maximization

Having a sense of security in an organization has a great impact on employees’ productivity and efficiency. With efficient IoT security support, you will have peace of mind that your IoT systems are secured, protected, and your data is safe within the organization.

The more secure the environment, the better the results will be.

Successfully Meet Your Business Goals

Whatever you want to accomplish with your IoT devices or system is dependent on how robust and protected it is. If your devices are vulnerable to attacks, you will find it hard to thrive in the modern marketplace.

However, by making sure that your IoT system is protected, and your data is safe, you can mitigate threats and attacks that are bad for your business reputation and revenue.

Compliance With the Regulations

In order to maintain privacy, different industries have different policies about how the data must be stored. To stay reputable and maintain a good image in the industry, your business needs to comply with these regulations.

Having a trustworthy, and reputable IoT security company like Granite Phone on board, you will not have to worry about regulatory compliance because they will serve your purpose efficiently.