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Your Cloud Security is Our Priority

What is Cloud Security Service?

Cloud security can be defined as the usage of industry-standard procedures and technologies to secure cloud-based environments, infrastructure and systems against data breaches, malware, and other cybersecurity threats.

Cloud security best practices are dedicated to securing cloud data and ensuring customers' privacy as well as regulatory compliance. A cloud security service also configures the authentication rules for the users on your cloud network.

Whether it's traffic filtering or authentication access, cloud security can be tailored exactly to your business needs. And the fact that these cloud systems can be managed and secured remotely from a single place, companies can reduce their business overhead, enabling IT teams to focus on more important areas of business development.

The Need for Protecting Cloud Against Data Breaches & Security Threats

With the changing business needs, more and more companies are transitioning towards cloud solutions. Cloud solutions indeed provide companies with better data accessibility, scalability, efficiency and above all, save them money-big time.

But with all these advantages, shifting to a cloud-based environment comes with new cybersecurity challenges. Cloud computing continually faces cybersecurity threats that traditional network security approaches fail to mitigate.

Therefore, to cope with the rapidly changing cloud environments and its growing security threats, a sophisticated cloud security service becomes a must. And this is exactly where Granite Phone's cloud security service comes into the picture.

Benefits of Cloud Security Service

Reduced Cost

In order to set up a separate in-house security infrastructure, companies have to spend big on necessary hardware, software, security license, and hiring cybersecurity experts. Additionally, the maintenance cost is also involved in keeping the hardware and software up and running all the time. But with a cloud security service, you do not have to deal with any hardware and develop a security infrastructure. Therefore, your costs for protecting your organisation's data can be reduced significantly. You will only be paying a regular security fee to the service provider to do all the hard work for you.

Around the Clock Visibility

Once your cloud-based system has been infiltrated with malware, time is the key. The longer it takes to identify a security threat, the more damage it can do to your organisation. With a cloud security service, your business will have continuous visibility as your team can monitor your cloud-based systems 24/7. This monitoring allows to take action immediately and mitigate the risk posture.

Regulatory Compliance

Different industries have different regulations regarding how the data is shared and stored in order to ensure its confidentiality. Complying with these regulations is necessary in order to avoid legal issues and maintain your company's reputation in the industry. A well-reputed cloud security service like Granite Phone ensures to follow these industry standard rules and make your cloud completely secure while adhering to the regulations.