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One of the most important solutions is the sandboxed Google Play. Every day, thousands of developers are producing apps for every company and they are posting them on Google Play Store. Today, we have thousands of apps for games, food delivery, email apps, workout apps, healthy eating apps, and dressing apps among others. Now, you need to understand that not every app is meant for your good. Some apps are a threat to your money and identity. Other apps have been built to steal your identity.  According to data released by security researchers at Avast Threat Labs, Google android MOS is vulnerable to malicious apps.

Almost 19,300 or more apps on Google Play Store are a threat to your personal information. Hackers have realized that people like downloading apps and they are creating the same for purposes of stealing your identity.

The best solution that our company offers is Google Play Store sandboxing. We offer a compatibility layer that offers you to install and utilize the official releases of Google Play in the standard app sandbox. Google Play is limited from receiving special access on phone. The role of sandboxing is no limit Google Play from receiving wide and highly privileged access to your phone’s systems which protects your data. If you have installed the sandbox system, if you download an app that has suspicious features, the sandbox limits it from picking personal data from your phone.

We have built a solid compatibility layer that tames Google play to work within the sandbox. The importance of sandboxing is future shown in the way you can install apps within a particular user profile. It means that the apps are only available within that profile and they cannot trap any other details from your phone systems. Therefore, the app is denied having special capabilities and it cannot access user data from other apps. It needs your authorization and consent to gain profile data and other standard permissions. The other advantage is that when you use sandboxed Google Play, apps can only communicate and share data if you consent. For example, if you download a gaming app, you must authorize it to borrow your identity from WhatsApp or Gmail app. It cannot just pick your identity immediately and become operations.

Google Play sandboxing gives you the power of choice. The compartment also ensures that core functionality and API support apps and force them to operate without being invasive to other apps. The compatibility layer is significant since it offers aid to loaded modules. The compatibility layer for the Google Play Store app teaches it to utilize the standard unprivileged approach that is available to all sandboxed apps. In this way, we guarantee that malicious apps cannot sneak into other running apps and steal information.