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IT security refers to the protection of information more so the processing of that information. Our company has been working on various ways of improving IT security with the aim of prohibiting the manipulation of data by illegal/unauthorized third parties. A secure smartphone has its data protected even on the cloud.

Technology has ensured that people practically do almost everything using their phones. In the same context, even hackers are online and they are always a step ahead waiting to steal your data.

As you make a purchase online, you leave your passwords on the device and other sites. Sometimes, you make orders through apps which makes you vulnerable to many risks. The problem exacerbates when you download various apps that may be having suspicious features. In most cases, your phone is at the risk of getting viruses, spyware, and ransomware.

How We Use IT Security To Protect Your Data

The three major roles of IT security include confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Other objectives include accountability, authenticity, reliability and non-repudiation.

Information Confidentiality

The confidentiality of information ensures that data is only accessible to peers that are authorized. It also means that access rights are given and any other third party that violates the process is locked out. The process of data transport is also safeguarded through encryption which is either symmetrical or asymmetrical. Our company works to ensure that all data access and transport are authorized.

Information Integrity

As much as we offer services that ensure that information sharing and processing is confidential, we also work to ensure that the content and data are correct and complete. Granitephones have designed systems that work together for your good. Sometimes, you can make mistakes while communicating, but our systems ensure that they offer an information safety net and you can rely on our services.

Availability of Information

Our company ensures that your phone processes data smoothly. If your phone gets stolen, we will use our decryption keys to retrieve important data. If your phone gets destroyed, we guarantee that you can get all the useful data regardless of the backing services that you had used.

Areas Of IT Security

Internet and Cloud Security

Every time you send an email or a message from your phone, you expose several things to the internet. You risk the data and the systems as you give traces of your online footprint and reveal your digital identity. Our company has creates various tools that will help in protecting your online identity from hackers as you use various apps, and sites online.

Endpoint security

We recognize that phones must be protected when using various applications and operating systems. Endpoint security involves protecting your phone as you switch from one network to another.

User security

One of the most remote thoughts for a phone user is their security when using apps on their phone. You are looking for something in China and suddenly you are downloading apps that carry some security risks. You have not taken measures to protect yourself from downloading apps that threaten your security. Our company has invented Google sandboxing to protect your phone from apps and services that would cripple your security.