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As you browse, you come across some interesting information that you want to screenshot and send. However, you may not be able to do so because the screenshot includes the sensitive metadata in screenshots and you can be easily tracked.

Our services include disabling the inclusion of sensitive metadata in screenshots. When you are using an Android phone, every screenshot includes the EXIF software tag that has details on the OS build/version information. These details are unique to every phone which means that your identity can be traced which may put you in vulnerable positions. The information is the same one available when you check on the phone’s Settings-About Device-Build Number. Our services ensure that we disable the tag and allow you to send any screenshot to any recipient.

In addition, the EXIF tag on an Android phone has the local date, time zone offset and time. Our Granitephone services ensure that they disable these tags by default to block the recipient from knowing your time and quasi-location data. The service is very important for people who are dealing with sensitive information. Therefore, our features can help reduce the risk you may go through as you take screenshots and send them to various recipients.