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Network Permission Toggle and Sensors’ permission Toggle

One of the problems that you will experience in revoking the sensor’s permission is that it can cause a crash loop and drain the phone’s power. The same case applies when you revoke network sensors. Our company has designed the network permission toggle that blocks direct and indirect access to any of the available networks. The significance of the solution is that it gives you consent on the network that you should connect with as you move across places. The local host also uses permission to protect apps from communicating between profiles. The network permission toggle focuses on blocking apps from utilizing the network through APIs offered by the OS or any others in the same profile.

The standard internet permission is utilized as the foundation for the network permission toggle is enhanced with a second layer of protection and support for granting or revoking it on a per-profile basis.

The sensors permission toggle blocks access to all other sensors that are not covered by the following Android permissions such as the Body sensors, microphone, and camera and activity recognition. Others include the thermometer, barometer, compass, gyroscope, accelerometer and any other senor in the phone. The toggle key ensure avoids ruining the compatibility of the Android apps on the phone while added permission is empowered by default.