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The client must install the GranitephoneOS on their phones once they install the system and this comes after making payment. The services are inaccessible when the payment duration expires and automatically renew when a new payment is done.

The company guarantees that they will offer reasonable skills and exercise as expected of a company offering the same services.

Equally, as a user of our services, you must keep your passwords and login details private and confidential. Our company also guarantees a high level of confidentiality.

The company will not be responsible for the repair or replacement of your phone in case it is stolen; we only safeguard data.

If there is a failure of services, you should notify us we take immediate action.

The company complies with all the safety and security rules on keeping your data safe. We restore digital data in case you lose your phone after signing up for our MobileOS and if our contract is still valid.