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What we offer

Our services include defending you against being exploited by unknown security systems that are a threat to your phone. We help with installing various levels of defense against persistent attacks. Our services include defending your phone against the exploitation of unknown vulnerabilities.

Graphitephone operating system is known for having is known for multiple features that focus on giving you control of your software and protecting your sensitive data from common threats.

It focuses on protecting phone users against attackers. In most cases, attackers use public websites to target phone users. The company ensures that one has the best passwords that lower their chances of being hacked.

The company also sets your phone such that you can only download Google apps and services that align with your security features.

Our services improve end-user profiles, offer encryption services, support longer passwords and the creation of stronger screen unlocks. We work towards reducing your vulnerability to risks such as being hacked or losing your data when your phone is stolen.

In general, you can live your mobile life more safely with powerful protection for all your mobile devices. Improve performance Take advantage of optimization features to make your mobile devices work better.

As customers continue to increase the amount of sensitive information that they store on their devices, we will continue to develop additional protections in both hardware and software to protect your phone from potential threats.

IT Security Services

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Areas of IT Security that we Cover

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Encryption Services

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Wi-Fi Privacy Services

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Services that Improve User Profiles

servicesUser profiles raise the chances of your phone getting hacked especially when you have about 7 plus or more guests. In Android phones, user profiles are synonymous with isolated workspaces that have their apps, app data and profile data such as media store, home directory and contacts. These user profile scans have instances where they communicate with each other. We work on ensuring that if the app has to share data, then the user must consent. Besides, we offer profile functionality and guarantee the monitoring of other profiles. Our system also offers user profile surety by limiting the number of profiles to about 3 or 4 which makes the feature flexible.

We work on supporting the log out of user profiles without needing a device manager that controls the utilization of user profiles. One of the significant roles of logging out is to disable user profiles which stops all installed apps from running. At times, apps continue running even when the user has ended a session which means that the user does not have much control of the phone.

App Installation Services

At times, your phone settings allow secondary user app installation which is a security risk by itself. Our systems add a toggle to the user management settings for disabling all secondary use app installation. The services allow one to install apps as a secondary user and disable the power to install more apps as that user in the phone owner’s profile.

The system also has a focus on security, minimalism, and usability that focuses on the app’s repository client. The app repository plays the role of distributing apps and reflects the Google Play Store for the sandboxed Google Play feature.

High-Performance Solutions

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